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were in high, high -- >> more likely, they had the defense ministry. >> and the army, too. and i thought in the closing ceremonies, there was even a flash of the kind of russian wit that i love. to see them making fun of themselves with the fifth ring not opening. >> rose: oh, yeah. >> i thought that was a kind of show biz moment of irony that was nice. but them the real world reasserts itself. >> rose: and they told a story. there was a narrative in the opening ceremony. >> they did. and i think that was part of my job sitting in between matt lauer and meredith viera to-- i guess, you know, some people thought i was debbie downer-- "here comes the marching persians of 1937." but more seriously, there was an attempt -- >> here comes a guy who has actually lived in russia. >> but there was an attempt, however much a cirque du soleil kind of macy's thanksgiving day parade terms, to show the best face forward, even historically. russian history is-- has been for centuries a legacy of-- in many ways of rivers of blood and oppression and-- but part of putin's cashatism and his buildin
. the defense minister insist they ave nothing to do with the political turmoil but the u.s. secretary of state warned it grave mistake for military intervention by moscow. occurred as protests broke out and the interim president bbc his nation is on the brink of financial disaster. this report from kiev. >> in these revolutionary days ukraine this is what it takes to form a government. the men and women selected to ministers were paraded on stage in independence square in a vast crowd. president said up popular decisions would have to avoid there were angry shouts. hen the list of ministers was read out. most were applauded but some prote nationalist om a party objected that their to the e had not gone defense ministry. the new prime minister spoke to the bbc. >> we are on the brink of disaster and this is the government of political suicide ersz. welcome to hell. parliament utside they were removing the fences that kept the protesters out. now the people will be able to them directly. law and order is still in the numerous civil defense groups. today it was announced the hated riot
minister on tuesday. it's widely believed the current defense minister will run in the upcoming presidential elections. joining me now is david kirkpatrick. he is the cairo bureau chief of the "new york times." he wrote an in-depth investigative report on the ben gauzy attacks when christopher stevens was killed in september 2012. i'm pleased to have david kirkpatrick back at this table. welcome. >> it's good to be here. >> rose: you have been there and watched the arab spring wherever it is now unfold changing a region. >> yes i i was in egypt in time for the revolution there, i was there when khadafy fell. it's been breathtaking. >> rose: where is egypt today. >> it's very hard to know. as you mentioned, field marshall has likely to become the next president. he's the general who ousted egypt's first democratically elected president mohamed morsi of the muslim brother brotherh. he was embraced as a hero and he was promising stability when he ousted president morsi. right now, i think that promise looks very remote. most of the factors that contributed to the original upris
threat, one the defense team would be unable to propel. >> i want to fight for my country. i want to fight for my people. >> we don't need occupation. we don't need war. >> reporter: the fear of a full scale russian invasion runs through this nation from the ordinary citizens right up to those who are readying their military for war while desperatede desperately seeking peace. press conferences, words spoken leaves no one in doubt of the jeopardy ukraine is in. how big do you feel the threat is from russia and what's your message to vladimir putin. >> this is not the threat. this is actually the declaration of war to my country. we urge president putin to pull back his military. if president putin wants to be the president who started the war between two neighboring and friendly countries, between ukraine and russia, so he has this target, we are on the brink of the disaster. >> that is why young ukrainians receiving orders. >> hope that the situation is -- will be known. but ready to save my country. >> reporter: many sought to save their country in recent month and paid with the
have allowed businesses to use religious belief as a defense against discrimination lawsuits. >> i sincerely belief that senate bill 1062 has the potential to create more problems than it pro ports to solve. i could divide arizona in ways you could not even imagine and no one would ever want. gwen: but even though this is gay right debate, the roots of the law has nothing to do with that piece. >> it stars two decades ago with two men who worked at drug rehab center who were fired for smoking peyote at a native american surge service. they said it was ritual. so the laws shouldn't apply to them. but the u.s. supreme court says there's no religious exception. and that infuriated congress which responded bypassing something called the religious freedom restoration act which barred the government from in the phrase of the law substantially burdenening somebody's exercise of religion. arizona is one of many that has laws like that. so what was different about this arizona law is that it would have expanded the law to apply not just to individuals but to businesss that get sued by someo
. thank you so much. >> ifill: as defense secretary chuck hagel announced yesterday, the pentagon is grappling with what to keep and what to cut in a time of tight budgets and national security challenges. at the air force, leaders have set their sights on grounding a plane that's been a reliable standby for decades. but it's defenders won't give up without a fight. defense producer dan sagalyn, has been tracking the debate. kwame holman narrates this report. >> reporter: a typical day at martin state airport on maryland's eastern shore includes chemical weapons training with the a-10 warthog. the national guard base is one of the homes of an aircraft beloved by ground forces who see it as their guardian in the sky. its pilots view infantry on the ground as their primary customer, and responsibility. most combat aircraft shoot down other planes or drop bombs or both. but the warthog was designed specifically to come in low and attack enemy forces in a mission called close air support. >> north or south, west of the smoke, west of the smoke. okay copy, west of the smoke i'm lookin
failed with this policy that led us to where we are. i would renew the missile defense program in the czech republic and poland and probably have some nato exercises with particularly the bal baltic sta. obviously expand the magniski bill to target individuals that have to do with this, and the initial signals out of europe, the british and germans aren't encouraging sanctions. >> charlie: i do know that. do you think sanctions that were effective in iran would have the same kind of effect on vladimir putin? >> i think, first, i would try the magniski which targets individuals and their bank accounts and their ability to travel and all that. i would try that first. then, obviously, i would look at other areas. you know, throw them out of the g-8, of course. it should be the g-7. a number of other cosmetic kind of don't send our officials to the paralympics. but we have to understand what this guy is all about. he's an ogd kgb. in 2008, the debate i had with barack obama, i said at that time, watch russia and ukraine and, unfortunately, these many years later, i was correct. >>
gates, former secretary of defense for both president bush and president obama. >> putin is i think a very rational person in the framework of what he's trying to achieve. but there is no doubt david brooks has it right, there is this incredibly strong thread through much of russian history of russia having a special mission in the world, of russia being the third rome, if you will. it goes back centuries. so there is this -- you know, we talk about american exceptionalism. the russians have their own version of it in this regard. >> charlie: and then from kiev by skype, the former president of georgia, mikheil saakashvili. >> this is something that is bigger and the longer it lasts the bigger it will get. so there's a desperate need for leadership now on the parts of the united states administration and european leaders indeed because this is not just business as usual. on the other hand, i'm also, in a way have this hope that this will be one of the last adventures of vladimir putin. >> charlie: and we conclude this evening with a conversation with jeffrey goldberg of bloomberg vi
, that the troops occupying much of the region are not russian, but local. >> ( translated ): regarding the self-defense forces created by the people of crimea, we do not have any power over them, they do not listen to our orders. >> ifill: lavrov also declined to meet with ukraine's acting foreign minister. he said there would be further discussions in days to come. meanwhile, in crimea itself, u.n. special envoy robert serry was forced to abandon his mission there after his car was surrounded and he was threatened by a pro-russian crowd. new trouble cropped up elsewhere as well. pro-russian activists stormed and re-took a government building in the eastern city of donetsk, only hours after being ejected. there's been no talk of any american military action in ukraine, but defense secretary chuck hagel told a senate hearing that the pentagon is taking other steps. >> i earlier this week directed the d.o.d. to suspend all military to military engagements and exercises with russia. also this morning the dod is pursuing measures to support our allies, including stepping up joint training through our aviat
. and he stated today publicly that he fully supports actions of self-defense units in crimea. and a definition of self-defense units is quite broad, including units provided by the russian black sea fleet. >> brown: angela stent, when the president says as we also heard that there would be costs to any military intervention, what might that mean? what sort of leverage would there be? >> that's a very interesting question. we do not have that much leverage with russia any more. our relationship with russia has deteriorated. there is not much russia wants from us. and so i think, and on the other hand we need to work with russia on the iranian question and the obama administration wants to achieve an agreement on iran, on syria, on all of these other issues. so there may be costs, there could be some kind of sanctions although even there there is a limited possibility. so i'm not really sure what those costs would be. >> brown: dmitri simes there is a lot of history, obviously with crimea, russia and ukraine, for our audience what should we foe about to help us understand this.
in self-defense despite the decline in violent crime. over the past few nights, and amazing light show has broken out over many parts of the united kingdom. the aurora borealis or northern lights are usually restricted to higher latitudes of the arctic circle. as duncan kennedy reports, they have moved far south. northernou think lights, you probably imagine the arctic circle, not will disclose. >> you can see the northern lights here. >> but that is where the 17-year-old astronomer has been reviewing this stellar spectacular in the heart of the south. >> it's amazing, really. i did not think i would ever see the northern lights from my hometown. >> for several nights, this is what tom and an army of amateur astronomers have been treated to -- the aurora borealis, a stunning natural light show shooting beams of colors across the sky. but it's not just here in leafy surrey that these dazzling lights have been seen. they have been viewed right across the south in essex, gloucestershire, and wiltshire. for the first time, in many quarters of a century. >> the result of exceptional burst of ch
resist. >> we will fight because it is our country and our territory. defense, ministry of armed troops appeared at the gates as reservists were told to resume their duty. this colonel said at any minute we are ready to do our duty to protect our country. our patriotic spirit has never been higher. the word here is they did not want to give russia reason to start a shooting war. the foreign secretary, william hague, who was visiting key of them allayed plant at the site where protesters had been shot by snipers. he called on russia to withdraw its troops. situation cannot resolve, if russia cannot respect the sovereignty and integrity of ukraine, there will have to be other consequences. >> here, the foreign secretary was listened to closely. he said there would be consequences for russia but did not spell out what they might be. there are no military options on the table but the question is whether the west is prepared to try to isolate russia economically. the crisis is dividing families. this russian is married to a ukrainian. she supports ukraine, which upsets her family back in rus
been ordered walks to borrow tax -- back to barracks. later, and defensive about was he also trying to reassure everyone that force is not his intention at the moment? today, his foreign minister seem to want to push the need for dialogue. >> i won't even fantasize about the possibility of sanctions. we have always been against one-sided actions cannot i hope our partners will understand their counterproductive. >> this is of the first time mr. putin has done the world with a military takeover. he has taken crimea out of kiev control, but he will only take eastern ukraine as a rust resort -- last resort. pushingof wishing -- today the capital, he agreed to peace talks after five days of bombardment. is he thinking it is time to move to diplomacy? the problem is, how to bridge the gap. in kiev today, the secretary state route the promise of a billion dollar loan to the new government. the same government that putin insists seized power in an illegal and violent coup. >> if russia chooses not to do the asteroid, does not choose to work directly with the government of ukraine, then our
. >> but it was not all bad for pistorius today, as the defense picked holes in the testimony of the neighbors. >> that is nonsense. that cannot be. >> a testimony that there were screams, contradicting the events. >> in all fairness, there is a man's life at stake. let's look at other possibilities. >> today's restaurant revelations may prove damaging to the story is, but they are showing that they are doing to prove he did not murder her. and at the first annual policy speech, the chinese premier tells the people's congress he would tackle corruption without mercy. the remarks come after a crackdown which has seen thousands of senior officials arrested, but there are concerns the campaign does not go far enough. public anger is growing. our china correspondent. nation looking not to lose their hold on power. widespread, but in tiananmen square, nothing. the stifling becoming greater. remembering the 29 people killed in the city last week. there are other threats to the communist power also. economic reforms and a campaign against corruption. >> we will energetically build a system, resolutel
, reflects the parameters specified in the budget deal, so-called discretionary spending both defense and on programs for ordinary americans at about $1.2 trillion. but the president also is putting in some proposals that aim higher toward whenever it is that congress decides democrats and republicans that they can make a larger budget deal that would curb entitlement spending, raise some tax. but for now, he's looking for a little bit more in his priority areas, and looking to do some business with republicans. >> john, it sounds like many of the elements of the budget have been proposed before i'm sure though the republicans have a lot to say about those proposals. what was the republican reaction? >> reporter: republican reaction is essentially that this is a status quo budget that doesn't change anything. a lot of that's true. because many of the proposals, raising taxes of different kinds on the wealthy, whether it's closing the carried interest loophole or limiting deductions for wealthy people, are things that are familiar that have been poe posed and ignored by congress in the
with ukraine too. >> reporter: yet not all russians agreed. a small protest outside the defense ministry resulted in about 40 arrests yesterday. >> ( translated ): we don't want the war to begin between our country and ukraine, which we consider to be our brotherly government, because of imperial ambitions of russian ruling elites. >> reporter: global markets also reacted nervously, nowhere more so than in russia. >> ( translated ): we see a broad steady fall across all assets, which only confirms that macroeconomic factors do not matter here, or an isolated story in some one asset class. the whole market just gave way, it rapidly went down. >> reporter: the main russian stock exchange was down 11% on the day, and the ruble traded at its lowest rate ever versus the dollar and euro >> ifill: we'll have much more on ukraine, including some of this afternoon's u.n. security council debate and an interview with a top white house advisor, right after the news summary the situation in ukraine shook up wall street. the dow jones industrial average lost 153 points to close at 16,168. the nasdaq
stabilizing. he insisted that local self- defense forces, not russian troops, had seized ukrainian bases. and he announced an end to military exercises in western russia. still, he insisted his government reserves the right to use force to protect ethnic russians in ukraine. >> reporter: if we see that lawlessness starting in eastern regions too, if people ask us for help we reserve the right to use all options at our disposal to protect those citizens. >> woodruff: on politics, the russian leader said viktor yanukovich is the legitimate president of ukraine but acknowledged he has no political future. and putin suggested moscow might reject the results of any new elections. >> reporter: it depends on how they will be held. if they are held in the same terror that we see now in kiev, then we won't recognize. >> woodruff: in washington, president obama flatly rejected putin's justifications for russia's actions. >> president putin seems to have different set of lawyers making different set of interpretations. but i don't think that's fooling anybody. i think everybody recognizes that alth
them to the journalists, that took them out of the safety of the vatican. his defense lawyer was very much aligned with the prosecutor. everything was really kept on message. >> i was at the man's trial. there were documents that were leaked, he supposedly leaked, that were written in languages that he does not speak. how would he even know that they were important? nobody that i have spoken to and that i continue to speak to in the vatican really believe that the butler did it. he was a scapegoat. >> the highest authorities in the vatican didn't want to show to the public opinion the network: how many supporters there were around the butler, paolo gabriele, in this planned action. >> narrator: the trial lasted for just five days. gabriele was found guilty and sentenced to 18 months. >> just before christmas of 2012, benedict pardoned him. i assume that there was a deal done, that he will remain quiet, and, "we will give you a job." >> he still has his pension. he hasn't lost anything with this conviction. this is, you know, the biggest betrayal we've ever seen against a sitting pope,
concerns at a nato meeting in brussels, where u.s. defense secretary chuck hagel said he's keeping a close watch on russian actions. >> let's keep the tensions down. let's see no provocative actions by anyone, any military. these are difficult times, we all understand that, but this is a time for very cool, wise leadership. on the russian side, on everybody's side >> woodruff: in washington, secretary of state john kerry said he spoke with russia's foreign minister, who promised to respect ukraine's sovereignty. meanwhile, russian news accounts said ousted ukrainian president viktor yanukovich is sheltering at a kremlin retreat near moscow. there's word he plans a news conference tomorrow. we'll get more on the developing situation, right after the news summary. bomb blasts shook baghdad and other parts of iraq today, killing at least 52 people. most of the deaths came in a motorcycle bombing that struck a shi-ite market. other attacks hit both shi-ite and sunni sections of the city. a wave of violence began last april, and has continued despite government pledges to restore security. in n
Search Results 0 to 33 of about 34 (some duplicates have been removed)